Origin and composition

We believe that making our activities more visible and the way we produce our clothes is to make our company more sustainable and the relationship that binds us with our customers.

You deliver in all transparency all the information necessary to understand our products, their origins and their compositions is for us an act of responsibility and confidence, but it is also for you, customers, an act of power.
Because knowing better is better to choose.

Focus on our products

After drawing and designed a product in our Lille (North) offices, we work with one or more suppliers to make it. We collaborate today with 20 suppliers who themselves have their factories.

Origin and composition

The label on each article contains the information Regarding the product, its provenance and its composition.

The large part of our suppliers are based in Asia.


The materials we use

At Izysmile we mainly use cotton 65%, polyester 17%, elastane 13%and wool 5%.

We are using more and more recycled material in our products: cotton, polyester, to limit pollution.