Izysmile is a brand of clothing, shoes and sports accessories based in France.

Created in 2020. The brand evolves thanks to its positive vision and the values ​​it advocates. And offers its products in more than 70 countries and regions around the world.

Izysmile offers its products only online on the website, https://izysmile.com
Also on The Izysmile app available on iOS and Android

Our mission

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    Izysmile continues to grow, partly thanks to its values ​​according to which internal production must demonstrate indisputable excellence. Izysmile offers high quality trendy items and impeccable service.

    Our goal is to make our sports outfits accessible all over the world, and to all types of audiences.
    The brand offers everyone, products around sport and well-being.

    Our products

    All our products are created thanks to high precision machines, in order to reproduce each room in its smallest detail.
    We demand quality: this is why, some of our articles are sometimes designed manually by sewing professionals.

    Before being launched on the market, all our products and sessions go through rigorous quality control.

    We check the style, shape, size, finishes, quality, etc. The objective is to provide customers with a quality product, and a unique experience with our products.

    Izysmile and its customers

    • Customer satisfaction is one of our main priorities.
    • " The client is king " This is why we focus all our intelligence, in order to avoid and prevent any bad use of use for our customers.
    • We have also set up a user return system, the Feed-back point allowing anyone who has been delivered, to provide a return, or an opinion, within 5 to 10 days of delivery.

     Although we take the time to control the quality of our products at different stages of their production, something may escape us. If you are not satisfied with quality, we invite you to contact our customer service.info@izysmile.com

    Contact us

    Do you certainly have questions? Do not hesitate to write to us on info@izysmile.com We will have a pleasure to chat with you and meet your expectations.

    Our customer service representatives speak: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian. We are always delighted to listen to your comments and answer all your questions.