Concrete objectives

The present for the future

Izysmile only produces what it can sell without waste or sell off. This system implemented since 2022 by our teams, it consists in going to the field to observe customers at the end of collecting a maximum of information on trends, colors and fabrics.

This system allowed us to reduce mass production and finally to limit unsold and soldering our items, it also helps us to fight pollution by reducing tons of greenhouse gases each year.


Our concrete actions

  1. Limit the production of flying labels on some of our products, and replace them with printed labels.
  2. Manufacturing of superior and durable quality clothes, to limit overconsumption.
  3. Implementation of electronic invoices after purchase.



Take care of your clothes and the planet

The protection of our planet engages us all. Regarding textiles, we each have a role to play at our level. With this little maintenance guide for our clothes, we want to help you extend their lifespan, make them more sustainable and help reduce greenhouse gas each year.


  1. Wash less

Frequent washes waste energy and harm our waters. As far as possible, wash 1 time a week after training, otherwise rather adorn your clothes and eliminate the tasks by hand.

  1. Do not dry the dryer

Mechanical forces inside a dryer are one of the main ones responsible for microplastics pollution. Synthetic clothes dry very quickly anyway, so rather dry your clothes in the open air.

  1. Wash at low temperatures

Wash your outfits at 40 ° C. In the vast majority of cases, 30 ° C are enough. So avoid high temperatures and thus protect the fibers from your clothes and nature.

  1. Buy quality and better

What do you really need? When you buy clothes, make sure they are of good quality and last a long time. Take care of your clothes, if you don't wear them anymore, give them or make sure they are recycled. Each purchase has an impact on the ocean.

  1. Wash shorter

The longer you wash, the more the fibers break. All washing machines have a fast cycle washing program.

Use it!

  1. Reduce the spin speed

The spin cycle generates a lot of friction. Synthetic textiles dry quickly.

Avoid the spray cycle in the machine or reduce the number of laps per minute.

  1. Separate the colors

Avoid mixing the colors of your clothes, this will extend the hard life of your outfits.





Origin and composition

We believe that making our activities more visible and the way we produce our clothes is to make our company more sustainable and the relationship that binds us with our customers.

You deliver in all transparency all the information necessary to understand our products, their origins and their compositions is for us an act of responsibility and confidence, but it is also for you, customers, an act of power.
Because knowing better is better to choose.

Focus on our products

After drawing and designed a product in our Lille (North) offices, we work with one or more suppliers to make it. We collaborate today with 20 suppliers who themselves have their factories.

Origin and composition

The label on each article contains the information Regarding the product, its provenance and its composition.

The large part of our suppliers are based in Asia.


The materials we use

At Izysmile we mainly use cotton 65%, polyester 17%, elastane 13%and wool 5%.

We are using more and more recycled material in our products: cotton, polyester, to limit pollution.