The protection of our planet engages us all. Regarding textiles, we each have a role to play at our level. With this small maintenance guide for our clothes, we want to help you extend their lifespan, make them more sustainable and help reduce greenhouse gas each year.


  1. Wash less

Frequent washes waste energy and harm our waters. As far as possible, wash 1 time a week after training, otherwise rather adorn your clothes and eliminate the tasks by hand.

  1. Do not dry the dryer

Mechanical forces inside a dryer are one of the main ones responsible for microplastics pollution. Synthetic clothes dry very quickly anyway, so rather dry your clothes in the open air.

  1. Wash at low temperatures

Wash your outfits at 40 ° C. In the vast majority of cases, 30 ° C are enough. So avoid high temperatures and thus protect the fibers from your clothes and nature.

  1. Buy quality and better

What do you really need? When you buy clothes, make sure they are of good quality and last a long time. Take care of your clothes, if you don't wear them anymore, give them or make sure they are recycled. Each purchase has an impact on the ocean.

  1. Wash shorter

The longer you wash, the more the fibers break. All washing machines have a fast cycle washing program.

Use it!

  1. Reduce the spin speed

The spin cycle generates a lot of friction. Synthetic textiles dry quickly.

Avoid the spray cycle in the machine or reduce the number of laps per minute.

  1. Separate the colors

Avoid mixing the colors of your clothes, this will extend the hard life of your outfits.