According to INSEE data, among the youngest (16-24 years old), boys exercise much more often a regular sporting activity than girls.

(45 % against 30 %). Subsequently, the share of athletes regularly decreases in the first to reach less than a quarter after 65 years while it tends to increase even in the 50-64 year tranche in the seconds to rise to 35 %

(then the share falls to 26.5 % for those over 65).


Izysmile targets any type of audience as mentioned above. Our sports outfits are designed for a wider audience and of all ages.

As we can see in the graph on average a person practices a sporting activity at least once a week, we can see that sport such as; Fitness, running, dance, etc. is growing in the youngest than in the elderly.

Our goal is to make the outfits Izysmile accessible to all.

May 30, 2022 — By Izysmile

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